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We like to think we’ve put together something pretty special here at Corporate AV Services - an agile group of natural event enthusiasts, expert technicians and big thinkers with a shared commitment to communication, detail and execution. 

We’re a diverse family here at Corporate AV Services. It’s that individuality that makes us a great team. 

It is also that same individuality that sparks some grand debates on the type of beer stocked in the beer fridge, who deserved to win the latest Corporate AV Cup championship, ( Find out more here ) and who's home country has the best food.  

We are all enthusiasts for a well run event where everyone has a memorable experience.  

When the four worlds of technology, audio, visual, and events collide - you’ll find Andrew. As an out of the box thinker, he'll jump at the chance to be involved in any aspect of a new project...

Felipe is integral to our venue partnerships, being the face of audio visual support when conferencing clients walk in the room...



Mike’s calming influence in a highly pressured live show setting is something we think is his superpower. Our clients are forever grateful for his composed support and unwavering enthusiasm...

Lauren is the 'boss of money' and advances compliance and financial strategy across all areas of Corporate AV Services...



We have a crew of 'solution' focused technicians on our team. Each of our technicians are armed with the technical know-how to execute seamless and successful events... 


Team Members

Life at Corporate AV Services...
That sounds interesting. 


Corporate AV Services is always looking for motivated and talented people. We will be happy to receive your CV, even if there are no open positions at the time you apply. All applications will be considered as they are received. 


Your application should include a short cover letter, and a detailed CV . Feel free to add any kind of unconventional material that could help us to catch your spirit and your capabilities.


Corporate AV Cup


A highly prized trophy for those of us with the competitive streak. Our challenges include past, present and partners of the Corporate AV Services Team. 



2014 Andrew Alexander - Tennis

2015 Blair Nicholson - Log Running on Water

2015 Blair Nicholson - Golf

2015 Andrew Alexander - Mini Golf

2017 Ben Mackay - Lawn Bowls

2018 Lauren Jaine - Mini Golf

2019 Lauren Jaine - Lawn Bowls

2020 Andrew Alexander - Darts

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