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We offer smart, agile and intuitive support alongside our equipment for hire. 

That's the full package.

We supply audio visual equipment for conferences of all sizes. 

However, this is where our services offerings depart from regular equipment hire organisations. 

Instead, we offer smart, agile and intuitive support alongside our equipment for hire. 


Our conferencing knowledge is what you will want on hand when organising a conference or seminar. Our technicians are committed to eliminating all of the technical headache, to build presenter assurance.

We consider ourselves agile with our solution focussed support and range of equipment on offer.


Our intuitive and proactive guidance means we become an extension of your team. 



Our technicians are presented in a smart uniform that will match with the calibre of your event, and our equipment is presented with quality in mind.


Learn more about our considerations when we place your proposal together.

Audio in conferences

Let us suggest the perfect sound package that will suit your requirements. 


Here are some of our considerations when we place your audio package together:


We consider the number of delegates and the size and acoustics of your room. We will recommend the best speakers to suit your requirements.


We have a range of microphones available.  Lapel, hand held, and headsets all have different benefits and are popular in conferencing audio visual.  A lectern with microphones is also a practical option for your presenter to stand at. 

We consider the layout of your stage and your programme with panel discussions requiring table microphones. 


If your presentation has video, we can ensure that the audio is impacting. We can also work with you to include appropriate background and entrance music to create atmosphere.



Our sound engineers are on hand during your conference to monitor levels and ensure even distribution of sound. 

Integrating visual elements allow you to engage 

with your audience, as well as provide the opportunity to create a visually unique event.

Here are some of our considerations when we place your visual package together:


Your conference will likely contain numerous powerpoint presentations, together with videos, polling and Q&A platforms, live streaming and digital way-finding signage. 

We can assist you to put these elements together to ensure your conference has the visual impact you desire. 


Your presentation equipment is determined by how bright your venue is, the size of the room and seating arrangements of your audience. 


Smaller numbers may prefer the intimate and practical solution of a flat screen display TV on a stand to sit around. 

Otherwise, dual projectors and screens can cover larger audiences and you may also like the support of display screen TVs further down the room to repeat the large screens allowing visual coverage.


We are also pleased to offer wonderfully bright LED walls in the instance your venue space has a lot of lovely daylight. LED walls now combat the daylight and eliminate any projection issues competing with the sun.


There are many ways to depart from a standard looking conference, yet maintain the integrity of your conference. 


LED walls offer many options for you to achieve this difference. Perhaps you would like a curved LED wall for your presenter to stand in front of. Perhaps you would like TV's to display seating plans or break out rooms.


You may even like digital banners around your space to provide exposure for your sponsors or your brand.


Event graphics throughout all mediums will enforce brand continuity and can be supported by on brand colour lighting. 

We can work with you to maximise visual impact.

We all know lighting really creates the right ambience in an event or occasion. Conferences and seminar are not excluded from this commonly known practice.


Even in daylight, some rooms are dim enough in venues to require an amount of lighting to focus on the presenter and stage area. This will allow for impact and engagement with your audience. 


A very simple way to repeat your brand colours is to include up-lighting around the room or behind the stage. 

These colours can be changed throughout the duration of your event to encourage vibrancy and movement, or to differentiate between sessions.

We also have portable wireless up-lights if a power source is not close at hand.


We have a range of staging sections to ensure your presenter remains the focus of the room. 


The height of our staging can be customised to suit the location and size of your audience. Our stages can be set at 0.3m, 0.4m, 0.6m and 0.9m high. We also provide steps to access your stage.


We can recommend the appropriate size of your stage by considering how large your panel of speakers is, the layout of your room, and how high your ceiling height is. 


Draping is a common inclusion in many events for for a variety of reasons. 

Black draping can be installed along the back of a stage as a backline. This reduces any distracting walls in your venue, and allows your audience to focus on your presenter and stage area. 

Draping can also be used to partition of segments of a room, create spaces for catering or be used to control overpowering lighting from windows in your venue.


When your conference has multiple rooms or a large amount of presenters we highly recommend our service of a Speaker Prep Technician and sometimes a Speaker Prep Room.

These measures will eliminate any live troubleshooting in the seminar rooms and provide confidence to your presenters.


We can offer a technician in addition to your main operating technician to solely concentrate on receiving and checking presentations. 

Our speaker prep technician can check for formatting errors and check all videos in advance.


By arranging a designated speaker prep room with a dedicated technician, it allows your presenters to check their presentations in. Our speaker prep technician can check for formatting errors and check all videos in advance. 


A designated speaker prep room also provides the opportunity to coach your presenters so they feel more ​confident about using a remote mouse clicker to navigate through their presentations, discuss presenter notes, and how to stand at a lectern for example.


We offer the services to collect and manage your presentations. This support service is often a welcome inclusion as the logistics surrounding collation of presentations can become an overwhelming task.

We also offer a range of other support options around collection and management of your incoming presentations. 

Find out more about how we reduce any last minute faults and live troubleshooting with a series of steps and support options.

Download our helpful guide to pre-event presentations logistics here: 



" FANZ have a longstanding relationship with Corporate AV.  We rely heavily on Corporate AV for their expertise and knowledge when developing an event for us, and they always exceed our expectations in presentation and budget. 


Their ability to continually introduce new products to keep us in line with an ever changing industry and deliver world class events is extraordinary and appreciated. When working with the team at Corporate AV they feel like an extension to our team, they go out of their way to make sure they know our business and always represent us professionally at events."





Susan Mott

Events and Sponsorship

Franchise Association of New Zealand

Speaker Prep
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