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A stage creates focus to the front of the room.

We stock a range of sized stage sections to lock together to provide the perfect format stage to suit your space.

Our black stage sections

  • are 1m x 2m or 2 x 2.4m or 1m x 1m.

  • come with black skirting to the floor.

  • can be set at a range of different heights, from 30cm high to 90cm high.

  • can be accessorised with stairs and safety rails.

We can also provide transparent perspex stage, to light up from underneath, as well as cornered stage sections.




Lecterns are a way to create a focal point at the front of the room, and can create formality to an event.
They are also used to stand behind and rest speaker notes on. 

Our lecterns have the ability to plug one or two microphones in on the top if you have hired a sound system.

If you are hiring one of our Lectrum branded lecterns, we recommend having signage made up to use on the front panel. Your signage can be fixed to lectern face using standard velcro. (sign width: 540mm x 840mm)


Consider elevating the focal point by using a digital lectern. We can rotate moving images, video, branding and logos whilst your presenter is speaking. 

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Draping hire
Draping hire auckland 1.jpg


Draping can be used in a multitude of ways within your event.

Our black, fire retardant drapes are most commonly used to:

  • create a stage back drop

  • block off distracting areas in a room

  • darken a room with too much sunlight for projection

  • divide a conference room

  • create private areas

  • create a division for catering areas

  • create a barrier to stop access

Our draping sections are most commonly used with our cross bar, upright poles, and base plates system. All of these poles can be adjusted and extended telescopically,  to allow for the drape sections to be linked together to create any length/width/height.

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