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We have a passion for elevated event experiences.


Event technology makes us happy. 


Since Andrew Alexander founded Corporate AV Services in the year 2000, we’ve seen the event landscape change dramatically. Event technology has transformed, our clients’ businesses and their challenges have become more complex, the focus on audience experience has shifted, and we, as a company, have evolved with those changes.

Twenty one years ago, we were founded on the simple belief that professional integrity paired with well presented and genuine support creates powerful partnerships in the event sector.

We still believe this today. 


We also believe that thoughtfully put together audio visual equipment acts as the messenger to drive deeper connections with an audience. 

We help our clients realise the full potential of the intention they designed their event for.


If there is one thing we’ve learned over 20 years in our industry, is that whilst we love to take audio visual technology to new places - larger, brighter, more unique and innovating; let's not forget that sometimes uncomplicated audio visual arrangements stay a tried and true classic. When crafted well, these can still drive unmistakable and purposeful connections with the audience.



The majority of our clients are referred by word of mouth. This is a testament to the level of service, commitment and detail our team offer to our clients. 


We are chuffed, of course.

We're small enough to take real pride in each and every job we do, yet agile enough to take on projects of all sizes. 

We love it this way.

Our Story


Corporate AV Services is proudly celebrating its twenty first anniversary of providing audio visual equipment and technical support.

Twenty one years has seen a tremendous amount of collaboration, valued customers, partnerships, troubleshooting, gaffa tape sticking and removing, cable rolling, projector focussing, audio tuning, incredible personalities, rolling road cases, remarkable venues, advances in technology, pack ins, late night pack outs, nerves, excitement,  tears, VCR's, CD's, mix tapes, online music platforms, resolutions, greater visual definitions, brighter technology and bigger dreams.

The list could go on... and on.

The greatest win by far has been the magnitude of meaningful relationships and partnerships built over these two decades. 






- 2000 -


Our Accreditations

Corporate AV Services is a member of the following associations and organisations to enable us to stay current with regulations and social responsibilities.​ visual, corporate av se
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" Eden Event has worked with Corporate AV for over 10 years.  We have built a strong working relationship with the Corporate AV team,  which makes planning and running events for corporate clients seamless.


Their reliability, professional service and advice support bringing together small to complicated events.  We value the strong customer service focus and the consistency of their team.  Having the reliability of a consistent team of technicians indicates a strong work culture within Corporate AV.


We will continue to support and work with Corporate AV and would not hesitate to recommend them. "




Julia Clancy


Eden Event Management Limited

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