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Celebrate achievements and success stories amongst a memorable splendour of light, visuals and sound.

We love everything about award events.

We love the roar of applause.

A perfectly timed drumroll.

The nervous anticipation of finalists.

The emotion of a winner.

The movement of lighting through the cloud of haze.  

The professionalism of a great MC.

The impact of slick award graphics.

The hype of a music sting.

And of course, we love fun on the dance floor.


We love celebrating.

Our enthusiasm for live award events is paired equally with our dedication to detail;

and there are a lot of details in award event management. 


Our collaboration begins when we meet with you at your chosen venue. Our audio visual advice can work in with your decisions regarding the best layout of the room, catering logistics, seating layouts, media and photography areas, and pre function zones. 


A large part of placing your event together is working your audio visual design in with your event theme and marketing collateral.

Our own media design experts can assist with this design collaboration and not only place together the visual media for your awards, but also design the lighting for the room to tie in with your theme and supporting props in your event. 


Our commitment to an audio visual partnership involves key areas of managed support: 

  • We present transparent proposals.

  • We present project managed timelines.

  • We create detailed floor and rigging plans.

  • We produce health and safety documents.

  • We pre-record your audio or video announcements. 

  • We liaise with your entertainment acts and MC to supply appropriate audio equipment and lighting.

  • We create your production around your script.

  • We meet with your MC for pre-event rehearsals.

  • We create, rehearse, produce and deliver.


Atmosphere is key, and we can help you create this through aspects such as lighting, theming, audio, layout, cameras, stage design, draping and entertainment.  



Depending on the size of your production, our team of specialist technicians come together to install your audio visual equipment and operate your event.

We have a range of specialist technicians available:

  • Visual Technicians

  • Audio Technicians

  • Camera Technicians

  • Lighting Technicians

  • Rigging Technicians

  • Show Directors


We would love to hear about the beginnings of 

your brief and vision. 


Let's start the conversation and we can provide you with our ideas, enthusiasm and a quote.

Award event audio visual hir


Corporate AV have been turning the Sustainable Business Network’s event dreams into reality for almost a decade, supporting our work no matter how hair brained our ideas for audio visual input! 


Whether a small requirement or infinitely complex, the Corporate AV team have always treated every piece of work with utmost professionalism, producing high quality outputs, and with respect for what we’re trying to achieve. They make things which are complex to many, simple to understand and with apparent ease. Their technical skills are second to none, and they have always been an open book for audio visual advice.  


Corporate AV are stalwarts of the Sustainable Business Awards show – affectionately known as the ‘Oscars’ of sustainability. In the wake of Covid-19, they took our plans for a multi-venue, multi-city, multi-platform, multi-audience, super-sized Sustainable Business Awards and helped us achieve our best results ever. It’s something that the team reflect on with enormous pride (continuously!), and the success of the Corporate AV delivery has ensured that this will be the format of future Awards to come.

We couldn’t imagine a better bunch to work with!



Lauren O'Connor

Event Manager

Sustainable Business Network

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