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Lighting creates ambience,

ambience creates event experiences

and event experiences create memories.

Together, let's send your guests off with the best memories.

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Lighting can have an immediate influence on the type of energy you would like in the room. Well considered lighting sets the tone immediately and creates the desired experience for your guests.

As an example of the different types of lighting that bring together an event, lets use the instance of an awards night and gala dinner as they require a range of different controlled settings to create the correct energy and experience.


As your guests arrive, your pre-function area can be lit suitably for people to mingle. Perhaps the option of colour wash or uplights to support any brand or event theme colours. Your welcome space can be an extension of your event theme.


Dramatic lighting as attendees enter your event space to create impact and compliment your room theming and styling.This can be achieved with colour, with certain style light fixtures, effects and suitable movement.


Consider lectern spots to focus on MC's and award recipients. Stage wash for any stage artist or entertainment.


Announcements of award winners or achievements are elevated by moving lights or special effects to celebrate their win in an energetic way.


Warm and soft lighting for dining time creates an atmosphere where attention is focussed on the table, their meal and company.


Encourage fun by creating movement with party lighting for entertainment, dancing and good times.


A good example of how important it is to create the correct ambience with lighting is by explaining what we DON’T do!

Imagine having a party in a room lit with bright, white fluorescents. Or perhaps, a learning environment lit with party lighting. Neither example creates the correct ambience.


When done correctly, you really add a valuable element to creating a successful event.

Consider what colours match the mood you would like to emphasise in your event.



Excitement, strength, love and energy.

Confidence, sociability, success, quality, happiness, warmth and cheer.


Nature, freshness and growth.


Trust, peace, calm and corporate. However blue can also be associated with cold, especially in grey/concrete buildings.


Compassion, positivity, softness and fun.

Royalty and luxury.

Awards Gala Dinner Audio Visual Sound Pr
Awards Gala Dinner Audio Visual Sound Pr



Lighting is an incredibly cost effective way to transform a setting completely. The power of coloured and effects lighting has the ability to transform an event space into something entirely different:

  • A shed or barn style setting into a corporate gala or luxurious event. 

  • A standard conference space into a high energy environment.

  • A portion of a large room into a designated dance floor. 


Don’t forget about lighting up outdoors. There are so many ways to incorporate the transformation qualities of lighting outside. Consider colour washing your entire building or entrance. Consider lighting up statement trees or gardens. Consider festoon or special effect strip lighting for gathering spaces to create ambience.



Talk to us about creating a unique look with styled lighting:

For instance, light bars, strip lighting, festoon lights, spot lights, moving lights, haze machines, star curtains, mirror balls, strobes, up- lights, colour wash, battery lights, moving lights, gobo lights


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