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Target your audience.

Show the full scope of your product.

Use dynamic imagery and video on a digital display. 

As an exhibitor, you will be wanting to attract attention.

The good kind.


You have 3 to 5 seconds as your visitors approach your stand before making the decision to walk on or stop to talk.

You will want to make those seconds count by grabbing their attention with bright scrolling graphics on a TV, or in extra large impacting format on a LED wall. 

Showcase the extent of your product in more detail than what you can display within your exhibition space. Perhaps you are an e-commerce store? Allow your visitors to interact with your online products.


Hiring technology, rather than bringing your own is a popular choice amongst exhibitors.

Hiring from us means less equipment for you to transport, set up and manage.


Rather than placing the TV's or LED wall into your exhibition space as an afterthought, design your stand to feature the technology.

Design dynamic and engaging content for the screens. 


You will have the assurance of a positive technology experience leaving you to focus fully on your visitors.

Download our frequently asked questions and beginners guide to displaying engaging digital content on our display screens.


Join us for a free exhibition technology consultation where one of our exhibition experts can bring dynamic ideas together while you are in concept & design stage. 


You can hire from our range of High Definition flat screen TV's for exhibition purposes. 

Available in 32", 40", 50", 60", 65" and up to an eye catching 70".  

Compatible with your USB memory stick or laptop that has been loaded with images or looping video. 


It is time to think BIG.

LED walls are superior signage. Digital signage means brighter and more engaging than printed signage.  

The digital walls are made up of panels that clip together to form any format: square, tall, long, & curved. An increasingly popular choice within exhibition booths.

TV hire


Digital display screens are best viewed at eye level, to capture the attention of your visitors.

We can provide hanging brackets to hang your screen off your partition wall, leaving you with more floor space.

We also provide TV stands which will allow you to position your screen anywhere in your space.

Exhibition tv hire expo audio visual dis


recommended way to engage with your visitors is to enable interactive communication. 

Demonstrate your website or software by connecting to a touch screen or iPad

We can help you through the steps to achieve your interactive strategy.

Exhibition ipad touchscreen hire expo au

You might like a few tips on how to get the most out of your digital display, as well as viewing our beginners guide to exhibiting with a digital display.

We deliver your hired equipment on your build or set up day.


We like to deliver while you are at your booth to ensure everything is placed and connected correctly.


We then collect at the closing of the show.

We set up, check everything with you and leave you with the confidence of a technology trouble free show. 

Keep our support number handy, we are always able to guide you through your hired equipment.

Often times we are the audio visual partner for the show, so we are able to provide onsite support for the duration of your event.

Check with us to see if we are the AV partners for your show.

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