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When the four worlds of technology, visual, audio and events collide - you’ll find Andrew.

As Corporate AV Services' founder, Andrew has a healthy obsession with all things within the audio visual sector. Constantly exploring new ideas, he'll jump at the chance to be involved with a new project.  


For the past two decades, he has provided innovative and strategic guidance bringing the Corporate AV Services team together. He is an astute businessman and relentlessly encourages high standards.


Andrew spent a childhood immersed in outdoor audio, covering Western Springs Speedway, Pukehohe Race Track and every outdoor Air Show and A&P Show you can imagine. 

This fuelled Andrew's desire to bring a collective of like minded people and technology together. 


When Andrew has time out, he has developed an enthusiasm for crafting blimmin’ good beer. If we were judging, we think he has reached an 'advanced amateur level' and we’re all trying to convince him to bring his beer taps and fridge into Corporate AV HQ permanently. Alongside beer brewing, Andrew would love to restore his Series One 1953 Landrover. 


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