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As Managing Partner, Rebecca wears multiple hats within the company. 


Firstly, she is responsible for driving relationships and sales strategies in partnership with our Account Managers. Fostering longstanding and meaningful relationships with our clients and partnering business is her super power. It is no surprise that this comes naturally when she has a genuine passion for ensuring event experiences are the best they can be, for both client and attendee.  


Rebecca also heads the creative side to Corporate AV Services. By leveraging a creative background together with superb skills in the editing department, multi-media design and production design; she can be involved with an event in many different creative capacities. Having an in-house creative service within Corporate AV Services means that building your show graphics and editing videos for your event is all achieved internally with passion and maximum creative flare. 


Forever curious about the overlap between media design, AV and audience experience, Rebecca thrives on taking a production from initial concept design to completion. 


Rebecca is also fiercely passionate about company culture. Over the years with Corporate AV Services she has been known to cook entire staff lunches for birthday celebrations. A born entertainer and hostess is the reason she is dedicated to delivering memorable moments in all aspects of her life.

When not at work, Rebecca's favourite place to hide is in her art studio surrounded by her orchard and famously epic vege garden.


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