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It isn't often that your surname is the first four letters of your job title. We think it is the universe showing us how dedicated Ryan is to his role at Corporate AV Services.

Ryan joined us as Operations Manager in 2018 to lead our technical crew and head our procedure, compliance and equipment management initiatives. 


If there was a word that describes the way Ryan works, it is with integrity. So it is fair to say that Ryan fits right on in with the client-first ethos at Corporate AV Services.


Prior to joining Corporate AV Services, Ryan worked across many roles within the AV sector. The combination of his senior technical experience, sales background and operations focus means he has powerful qualifications to lead across the departments within Corporate AV Services. 

On a lighter note, Ryan describes his role as the "Dad" within the team. We would have to agree with him; he is an exceptional time keeper, and not only makes sure our events are executed with perfection. He makes sure we are all presented well too! Thanks Dad. 

Ryan is a proud father and proud New Caledonian.


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